Writing Obstacles

Over two-thirds of budding writers struggle finishing the writing projects they start.

It is hard to write, more-so if you hadn’t always written very much other than in your days at school, but it is important to write every day. Once you get started, missing a day or two makes it harder to get back to it. Writing is a complex business, and it is necessary to believe in what you are doing, and to have get writing into your daily routine.

You have an idea for a book, so ask yourself some questions:

Why do I feel that it is important for me write a book?

Who would want to read about this subject?

How long should it be?

How many chapters should it have?

Is yours a unique take on the subject, or an expansion on something you have a deep knowledge of?

A subject search through Amazon would show returns to illustrate what is out there and the level of interest (by way of sales) that genre has produced.

So now you need some sort of plan

Get people on your side:

Clue your family and selected friends into what you are about to embark upon. It may be a surprise and quite ‘out of the blue’ to them and you may get a varied response in the early days, but they will be the ‘soft cushions’ to fall back on when you have had a bad day or week of writing and need some encouragement.

Start to acquaint yourself with other writers of the same genre. Direct contact is very helpful to you as they would have been through similar phases during the writing process, and have probably even suffered what they call Writer’s Block.

Don’t skimp on the genre research because in this day and age of hyper-competitiveness, this tells you where the bar is and how you can surpass it.

Perfectionism can wait until the final draft

At this time, you need to have your work edited and proofread, and any illustrations or photographs captioned and duly credited (you must obtain proof of permission where eligible – this responsibility lies with the author only).

It would also be the time to sound-out potential publishers of the genre of your proposed book, and their response will give you guidance.

Note: Substance is greater than style – so don’t be tempted to fill out your pages with literary gymnastics. If there is too much filler, readers will soon become frustrated and think you’re pretentious.

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