Wix vs WordPress: A Review

Wordpress and Wix are both very popular tools for building a website, but what are the differences?

Wix is an easy to use site builder with flexible designs, ideal for portfolio-type of websites, but it tends to become a little slow loading the pages for large websites.

WordPress allows you to create much larger websites but requires more technical knowledge.

Wix is actually one of the easiest website builders to build a website with because you don’t have to install any software and you edit everything in your browser. Their editor is completely drag and drop, which is especially ideal for complete beginners, but you can add extra features from their App Market in one click.

WordPress also offers extensions and plugins, but they are not always easy to install or implement, and again, some technical knowledge will be required as they can be quite hard to grasp.

When things go wrong (and they will from time to time), fixing it can become a bit of an issue:

Wix packages include hosting and technical support, whereas WordPress, being an open-source platform and requires you to take care of this yourself.

Wix comes with around 300 free templates which are segmented into categories (photography, Travel, Fitness, Restaurants, Online Stores, Blogs, etc…) and are also created in a separate version for mobiles.

WordPress has a huge arsenal of Themes available online, and if you know CSS and HTML, and don’t mind spending a few hours working to modify the code of the template you have chosen, you get just what you want.

The Choice is yours: If you want complete control and are willing to tweak CSS and HTML code, go for WordPress. However once again, Wix is much better for complete beginners and you will still be able to customise your designs.

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