The Tehran Conference 1943

The Tehran Conference, codenamed 'Eureka' by the officla planners, closed on 1st December 1943, was significant not least for the fact that Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill were meeting together for the first time, with outward displays of the mutual friendship and unity of purpose of the Big Three in the common undertaking to deliver the final fatal blows to the Nazi regime and then to Japan.

However, a savage mentality started at dinner on the second day of the meeting of the Tehran Conference (Monday 29 November 1943), when Stalin suggested a toast to eliminating 50,000 men from the German staff. Churchill was aghast at this. Roosevelt, in a humorous tone, suggested killing 49,000 men. His son Elliott chipped in by saying that when the Red Army, American and British rolled into Germany, they would not only wipe out top German soldiers but also thousands of Nazis. The most humane of all, Churchill walked out of the room in anger. Such vengeful acts were against the Geneva Conventions of 1929, and if the leaders harboured such feelings towards the Germans, it was bound to percolate all the way down to the foot soldiers of the Allied armies...

The Forgotten German Genocide: Revenge Cleansing in Eastern Europe, 1945-​50.

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