The Little Gem Fuse Blower

It is well known that Engineers are an inquisitive species that cannot resist interfering with anything that does not require fixing before it is broke. Therefore no device can remain immune to molestation by Engineers for long, especially by those at EKCO Radar. The verification of this statement initiated the development of The Little Gem Fuse Blower.

A nice little box the size of a half-brick was obtained and sprayed with Radar Black Crackle. Engraving Shop made a brass label clearly marked ‘Little Gem Fuse Blower’, followed by a regulation twenty-five digit military type part number, and the EKCO logo. A mains cable emerged from a grommet at one end, terminated with a plug which fitted the sockets at each bench. Inside the box, the three wires of the mains lead were soldered together. The lid screws were located to prevent anyone looking inside. The device was strategically placed on a bench by the door.

Every Engineer to a man, who entered the lab followed the same procedure:

· Inspect device.

· Read label.

· Mutter something like "Wonder wot this does".

· Plug in.

· Discover what it does, ignoring the falling whine of dying instrument cooling fans.

· Unplug and replace device as if untouched.

· Avoid eye contact with those falling about behind the glass partition.

· Slink quietly out of the lab.

· Get roll of fuse wire.

· Get step-ladder to reach the fuse boxes outside the lab, above the door.

Pete Terry, EKCO Sounds

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