About Me


I was born in Priory Avenue, Prittlewell, in 1959, and lived in the area of Southend-on-Sea, Essex, for most of my life until I moved to Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire in 2014.

I had been researching the local and military history of Southend-on-Sea and the surrounding area since around 2004, after finding (at the time) a great deal of conflicting information on the internet and in books. I built up quite an extensive archive of information and photographs over the years, and with this was able to help others in their searches, which eventually led to my contributing to six published books as well as to websites on the subjects of local history.

It was over a coffee with fellow author Dee Gordon in Waves Restaurant in the South Essex College, Southend, that altered my perspective on what I was doing, and Dee mentored me along the road to becoming a writer of local, aviation, and military history in my own right, all inspired by personal interest. And so it began with 'RAF Southend 1940-1944' in 2012.

In the Media
Southend Echo 15 May 2020 Two-page feature on 'EKCO'
The Southern Daily Echo 10 June 2019 Two-page feature on 'Southampton Airport Through Time'
​West Sussex Gazette 8 August 2014 Large article about 'Shoreham Airport - An Illustrated History'
Shoreham Herald 31 July 2014 Large article about 'Shoreham Airport - An Illustrated History'
Irvine Herald July 2014 Half-page feature on 'Voices from the Arctic Convoys' with Donald McKinnon and Tom Rennie.
Brentwood Gazette April 2014 Double-page spread about 'Ekco Sounds'.
Essex Chronicle 24 April 2014 Double-page spread about 'Ekco Sounds'.
Telegraph & Argus 3 April 2014 Article by David Trayner (after photoshoot with Marion Pearce by Anna Lukala at the EKCO site on 1 April) about the missed opportunity to preserve the air raid tunnels.
Southend Echo 11 February 2014 Article following the book signing at Waterstones of 'EKCO Sounds'.
Basildon Standard 6 February 2014 Large article about my two 'Arctic Convoy' books.
Daily Gazette/Essex County Standard 6 February 2014
Lothian Life 5 February 2014 Full page article about 'Edinburgh Airport through Time'.
Southend Echo 5 February 2014 Full-page article about 'Voices from the Arctic Convoys'.
Southend Echo 10 January 2014 Centre-page spread article about 'EKCO Sounds: How a Southend Radio Maker Changed the World', by Tom King.
Southend Echo 6 January 2014 Article by Michelle Archard about 'EKCO Sounds'.
Southend Echo 9 December 2013 Interview and Photo shoot with Audrey by Tom King of the Southend Echo at the EKCO Social & Sports Club
Leigh & Westcliff Times 6 November 2012 Half-page article about 'Southend Airport through Time'.
Southend Echo 2 August 2012 Centre-page spread about 'RAF Southend 1940-1944'.
Southend Echo 31 July 2012 Photoshoot with Anna Lukala at Southend Airport; Tom King wrote the piece article 'RAF Southend 1940-1944'.

Essex Life September 2015
Sussex Life January 2015
Level 4 Magazine 16 June 2014
Aviation News April 2014
Airports International April 2014
Phoenix 98FM with Scott Ross 17 March 2014
BBC Essex with Mark Punter 27 June 2013
BBC Radio Essex with Steve Scruton 28 November 2012
Southend Radio with Tracy Jones 4 November 2012
BBC Essex Radio with Steve Scruton 25 May 2012

Miscellaneous Contributions
MPBA (Model Power Boat Association) Yearbook (Editor) 2018 - 2021
Qantas Centenary Brenden Scott (Merlin Productions Australia) 2020

The Chelmsford Chronicle 14 September 2015

Navy News 17 February 2014

Cedar Care Home Magazine Winter 2012
The Illustrated History of the Battle of Britain Stuart Cooper (Aurum Press) 2010
Fighting Church Fenton (revised Edition) by David Mason (Mowbray Publishers) 2010
BBC 4: The Today Programme 'Fighter Command at Bentley Priory' 2009
First Group Monthly Magazine Spring 1998
Book Launches/Signings
EKCO Social & Sports Club, Southend 1 February 2014
Waterstones, Southend 25 January 2014
W H Smiths, Southend May 2013
Waterstones, Southend 26 November 2012 (requested for second signing session)
Waterstones, Southend 24 November 2012
Waterstones, Southend 25 August 2012
The Thames Amateur Radio Group (TARG), Canvey Island 7 March 2014
The EKCO Social & Sports Club, Southend 6 February 2014
The Kursaal, Southend with Dee Gordon 21 July 2012